Second Date

I drove an hour up the coast to Laie today to meet the Italian for a second date. He said he wanted to take a long hike, spend some quality time together and really get to know me. It’s funny to me that he offered so many compliments and kind words after our first meeting, made it seem like he was really excited to hang out again, considering he didn’t show up.

I waited an hour in the parking lot at the trail permit office, but alas, even after several OK Cupid messages to make it clear to him exactly where I was waiting, his white GMC truck never made an appearance. So I pulled out and drove back home with a Lonely Island comedy marathon cheering me up via my iPod. Hours after the fact he sent me a note to explain. You see his car broke down and he had sent me an email earlier (which he can’t for the life of him figure out why I never received) and then, oopsy daisy, he forgot his cell phone in the tow truck! Silly Italian! Now it all makes sense.

There are two saving graces here. One is that the drive along the coast is breathtaking and two is that I know better than to get my hopes up in regards to strangers from the internet. But still, it was a bummer.

And so it was that I found myself hiking alone at Kuliouou near my house, a late afternoon salvage of an almost ruined day. The dogs were by my side. I hate to sound so cliché but for this one moment I’m going to forgive my slip. I think they’re the only straight males in my life who have never let me down. That’s not to suggest I’m truly saddened or depressed over this morning’s event, it’s just that in general it seems kind of ridiculous that these attempts at romance have proved so wasteful of my time and energy.

While my dear friend from NYC was visiting last week she said the most fantastic thing on the beach at Hanauma Bay. She said the journey to find love let us down so we decided to pursue happiness instead.

I am so thankful that having had a good dose of happiness, I no longer let failed love interests cloud my day. After the hike I brought the boys back home and ran four glorious sunset miles along Kalaniana’ole, landing on my forefoot and rocking gently back towards my arch. This is quickly becoming my preferred technique as it seems to allow me better posture and zero stress on my plantar fascia.

Focus has been restored to where it really belongs.


2 thoughts on “Second Date”

  1. What? What? WHAT? No…this is NOT ok. I hope there is a shred of truth to what happened. But good for you. Recovery is everything. As always, you inspire me to find MY happiness. Love you!!


  2. You inspire me Jennifer. You inspire me to believe and know in my heart that the happiness in my life, the every day happiness, the true and simple happiness is enough and simply being content in that happiness is enough. Top 3 — always.



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