Running With Strangers

Tomorrow morning I’m going to make my first attempt to run up the Kuliouou Ridge Trail. To clarify any confusion I may have caused last week, the Kuliouou Valley Trail (where my head went ba-bump against a tree) is a lovely mostly flat jaunt along the valley floor. The difference between that and the adjacent ridge trail is an elevation gain of 2,000 feet. Ya-huh.

My plan for the coming weeks is to flip flop between running the ridge trail and running from my house to the trailhead. So some days I’ll run the roads going a little farther each time. And other days I’ll drive to the trailhead and just work on running the hill. Then when I feel confident in both I’ll try to make the entire 10 mile long, 2,000 feet high journey in one go. I’m shooting for the end of July.

And now I shall call out Art LaFlamme, the complete stranger I will be making this first ridge ascent with tomorrow. Art is an Army Sergeant so I figure if anyone can provide me with sheer motivation, he can. On the flip side, if I don’t make it out alive, you’ll all know it’s his fault.

See you tomorrow Art!

P.S.  My doctor was impressed with the magnitude of the bump on my skull and confirmed yesterday that I’ve been in a mildly concussive state all week. Trees are like hard and stuff.


3 thoughts on “Running With Strangers”

  1. That sounds so fun (the ten mile trek). You’ll be so good at it by the time I come back in December you will be forced to kick my ass and show me the route…. And then you’ll have to wait for me to catch up :). Be safe, have fun…


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