Let Go So That You Can Grow

The first thing I did this morning was re-read the AstroTwins weekly horoscope that has been clogging my brain for days:

If you want to move ahead to the next stage of the game, you’ll have to completely close the door on something from your past. Just as there’s no such thing as being “a little bit pregnant,” there’s no way you can clutch onto that little bit of your past identity without sabotaging future opportunities.

Through their website I discovered Marie Forleo, who I instantly fell completely in love with. Devouring her website at 7:00 this morning led me to a Q&A session in which she speaks to building a bridge from a good job that doesn’t feed your soul (like mine!) to a full-time business following your passion. The first thing you have to do?

“Commit to the loving the crap out of your [soulless] job while you’re there… [because] how you do one thing is how you do everything.”

And just like that my question was answered.

I jumped back into bed deciding to stay there for the bulk of the day digesting every word in my new favorite book: Katharine Sise’s fantastic Creative Girl, The Ultimate Guide For Turning Talent and Creativity Into A Real Career. And guess what she talks about at length? Strategies to deal with the sucky job for as long as it takes to be financially savvy and strategic about your next move.

The juices are flowing and I’m starting to make sense of my current career position. Hating my job and resisting growth within it (two things I’m really good at) aren’t going to get me to the next level. Loving and succeeding will.

I don’t like making people’s coffee because I think everyone in the general public is a big fat weirdo jerk. And this thing of not liking where I’m at is generally enough to make me run screaming from something (anything really). But that’s the old part of me that I need to change. Because what if making people’s coffee for a few years provides me with the funds and know-how to create my dream biz? What if building a tougher skin in regards to the all-important-satisfaction of rude customers makes me a stronger, smarter marketer/businesswoman/ everything I want to be?

Is it any wonder that I got the same advice within five minutes from two completely separate sources? Say it with me now, of course not.

The AstroTwins also said: Focus on the brighter days ahead, and let the vision of what’s possible propel you past your vices.

So there you have it. Four newfound loves, go-to girls for inspiration and magic. Four more awesome women to lean on through this amazing journey called life: Tali & Ophira Edut, Marie Forleo and Katharine Sise.

Check out their incredible radness,

Here:  www.astrostyle.com

Here:  www.marieforleo.com

and Here:  www.katharinesise.com


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