14 Days

I knew it would happen this way. It’s really no surprise. To place a large goal so far ahead of myself – to be able to run the 10-mile loop from my house, up 2,000’ to the top of Kuliouou Ridge and back by the end of July – could play out only one way. I would fall off the training wagon, sleep in repeatedly, pack on a few pounds and wait until the last minute to really kick it into gear.

Yah I was that chick in college who wrote all her long papers the night before they were due and apparently I still am. I’m not a good wait-er. I get bored and distracted. Waiting makes me tired so I eat carbs and sleep. I find it very hard to maintain while waiting. It’s a glitch I continue to improve upon but have yet to fully embrace.

There was one day last week when I walked to the woods behind my house and hiked a new trail. After turning towards home I started running and it felt great. But I was stuck in my head about something or other, not paying much attention, and you know how it goes when you fall – it’s never in slow motion. You just trip on a rock and go kerplop. The pain sets in before the realization of what just happened. The blood spews out, the knee goes numb. There’s that hesitation before you put weight on it. “What if I can’t walk?”

The dogs, while obediently waiting by your side, are useless. They refuse to run for help and certainly won’t let you ride them home. But you’re fine; you can walk it off. And if you’re lucky, like I was last week, you’ll get to walk it off for three miles.

So whatever. My knee is still a mess of bruise and scrape but truly I am fine. I’ve made it to the last minute and now I get to act like I mean it. Fourteen days. I’m gonna throw in a cleanse and make this a power jolt into a new regimen of health and happy. I recently discovered yet another go-to girl for inspiration and magic, this one centered on diet and juicing. More on her soon. For now wish me luck as I dive in and stick around for the journey.



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