A Perfect Day

Without even realizing it I worked 19 days in a row. For the last few weeks my days off have been spent helping my landlords move old people into their retirement homes. I jumped at the chance to earn extra cash filling in for the girl who usually helps them with their small business without realizing just how much stuff a person can accumulate living in the same house for thirty years. Yikes!

As a result of the side cash, I now own dishes and a shower caddy. Next week I’m considering purchasing curtain rods. Yeehaw! Also as a result I slept until almost 11:00 am today out of sheer exhaustion. I think this might help explain my massive freak out at work the other day too.

After rolling out of bed close to noon I surfed ye ol’ interwebs for a while and finally made it out of the house around 1:00 pm. I gassed up the Subaru and took the dogs to Kailua Beach Park, running a gazillion and one errands along the way.

All in all it was a breeze of a day on nothing but lemonade. I jogged six miles this evening (three quarters running/one quarter walking) and felt great when I got home. Then I decided to cook some quinoa and I didn’t stop myself.

I’ve made a big decision to approach this cleanse differently than the masters I’ve done in the past. I’m opening up my consumption to include granola, quinoa, fruits, vegetables and nuts (all in limited quantity). That may seem like a short list but when you think about it, it’s really not. That’s a huge array of foods to choose from and it’ll take effort to keep myself in check. The plan is to consume lemonade all day and have one meal of sorts. On work days I’ll have an acai bowl mid-shift and on days off I’ll have a quinoa and veggie dinner.

Here’s my rationale: I’m not trying to cure myself of anything or lose a ton of weight. I’m trying to embrace maintaining a healthy lifestyle in between fasts. I do this ‘all or nothing’ pendulum swing with my diet much like I used to with my emotions. Like I’m either eating a chocolate muffin and 4 lbs. of cheese a day or I’m consuming nothing but cayenne pepper lemonade. This can’t be my norm.

My ultimate goal is to cut sugar, caffeine and excessive useless carbs from my life for good, not just when I’m cleansing. I think if I approach this as a new way of life, as opposed to a temporary drastic quick fix, I’ll be in a better place to succeed in the long term. What do you think?

I’m pumped. I feel great. I’m settling into bed early with a new book on balancing pH levels in the body. It’s called “The Ultimate pH Solution” by Michelle Schoffro Cook. You can check it out here.


One thought on “A Perfect Day”

  1. Yay for perfect days!

    I think you’re doing it right. My desires were the same for the cleanse I just finished. The sugar and excessive useless carbs were out of control and I simply wanted to give my body the opportunity to rejoice and remember it feels pretty awesome without said sugar and useless carbs. While I did survive on only the lemonade (minus the cayenne and that horrid salt water b.s. more days than not) I came off in my own way, much as you’re approaching your day to day. Those of us who choose to do this, do it for personal and unique reasons. Being successful at it looks different for each of us (in my opinion).

    I’m happy you had a much needed day off, jealous you got to run, and excited about your pending purchase of curtain rods 🙂

    See you in December!



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