Riddle Me This

How come sometimes enough is enough and at other times it’s not nearly enough?

Today I got through an incredibly hectic day at work on lemonade, orange juice and an acai bowl. High energy, great mood, no problem. But most of the time I’m hungry, mildly if not full-force cranky-pants, scarfing down muffins and soda just to make it through a shift.

Am I in some sort of cleansing zone? How do I maintain this zone on all the other days of the year?

I know the answer. Diet awareness is the same as any other kind of awareness. It takes a lot of effort to constantly mind the Buddha bells and ignore the temptations to meander astray. Life is a lot of work people! My goodness…

I already feel similar to the way I felt when I came off my 40-day juice fast almost two years ago. (Can you believe it’s been two years?!!) I feel overwhelmed at the level of concentration it will take to remain at my peak health following the cleanse. One wrong turn and I slip so far.

I have to remember it all comes with practice. The falls get shorter. The slips fewer and farther in between. Patience, right? Yah. Right.


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