Paddle Board Prep

Step 1 – Stand in line at the Longs Drugs, purchase a Vidal Sassoon Fast Dry Turbo hair dryer. Think back to the last time you blew your hair dry, some time before the sun came out in Portland last July. Brainstorm a blog post titled Damn He Must Be Cute.

Step 2 – Agree via text to skip coffee and go straight to paddle boarding at Ala Moana Beach Park, something you have never done. Make a solemn promise to enter with trust and positive energy.

Step 3 – Send a frantic email to girlfriends in four states. “Are you putting this together with me?? I not only agreed to wear a BIKINI on a first date with a man I’ve never met but I agreed to frolic in the ocean!”

Step 4 – Buy shorts, a wardrobe piece mysteriously missing from your closet even though you’ve been living in Hawaii for almost a year.

Step 5 – Awake the morning of, slide open your phone to check the time and marvel. No joke. 8:08 AM. Juice a cucumber and a lime, take a two mile run. Chant the Om Mani Padme Hum 108 times with the prayer beads your sister gave you.

Step 6 – Slather on the sunscreen, slip into your swimsuit and dive in.

In the always immortal words of KK from Cali, “In Mendocino, they call a bikini on a first date way overdressed.”


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