Back Before Nine

So what I did was I stood in my kitchen in the pre-dawn darkness eating yogurt with granola and a banana. I juiced a cucumber and half a lime to wash it down and slipped into my only set of running clothes and beaten up sneakers. Glancing in the bathroom mirror I shrugged my shoulders and said to myself in a whisper, “Just try.”

I started the timer on my stopwatch, walked from my house to the Kalanianaole Highway, took a left and started running, away from the full moon and into the sunrise over Koko Head.

At 5:30 in the morning there was very little traffic. My pace was steady and I ran 3.3 miles to the trail head without stopping. Once in the woods I walked for a bit in order to drink water then I hiked at a clip to the tip tippity top, including the grueling 370 stairs that get you to the peak.

I expected to do a quick fist pumping victory jump, turn around and head straight back down. But instead I allowed myself a two minute sunrise on the mountaintop yoga and stretch session, consumed my Balance bar and was ready to go.

I ran all the way down and almost all the way home until my right knee and heel started bothering me. In the last stretch I alternated between jogging and speed limping until I started to mentally work on this post.

Desperately wanting to title it “Back Before Nine” instead of “Back At Nine” or “Back Sometime Around Ten”, I let my ego take over and decided to sprint. Couldn’t explain why but running full force into the pain completely erased it. Imagine that.

I got back to my doorstep in 3 hours, 18 minutes and 5 seconds. Ten miles, 2000′ elevation gain, done.

After some more juice and a cat nap, I feel entirely fucking awesome.


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