We Think You’re OK But We’re Not Sure

After waiting two and a half weeks for test results on my latest skin biopsy (dermatologists have been shaving off tiny slices of me since I can remember) I didn’t exactly get the news I’m used to getting. Instead of saying, “It’s all good, the mole is benign,” my doctor actually said, “We think you’re OK but we’re not sure, so I’ve scheduled you for surgery next Tuesday.”

Do not gasp in horror. They really don’t think I have skin cancer and the “surgery” is a minor laparoscopic procedure that will result in an owie with a band-aid and some reassurance all around. However, let’s take a minute and a breath to digest one of the most important sentiments Kris Carr shares for those of us who are thankfully cancer free. To paraphrase: If you’re healthy now, stay that way. Why wait for cancer to come get you before you start taking care of yourself?

Because the whole truth is that what I have on my shoulder is the kind of thing that sometimes eventually turns into cancer. This is why I slather on spf enhanced lotion every day. This is why I go to the dermatologist religiously. I get a lot of these things and they always make them go away.

It seems as though this time around this one stayed for a little too long and entered the we-don’t-really-know-what’s-going-on-here phase. And so next Tuesday we shall say our goodbyes as I send kisses to the stars for my continued health and PROMISE MYSELF to stay on the healthy eating kick.

A healthy diet is another tool for the arsenal, another building block for a solid foundation of living well and relaxing into happiness. Bring on the juice!


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