Supposed To Be

I’m supposed to be at a sponsored singles mixer in Chinatown right now but instead I’m juicing carrots and I couldn’t be happier.

I think it’s official that I’m open and ready for love, so one might say the mixer is exactly where I should be. I disagree. That sort of environment makes me nauseous whether it’s singles-centric or just a bar scene.

The way I see it is I need to continue to take good care of myself. That’s what makes me happy (among other things of course, I’m not quite completely self-centered. Har har.) Love will come in its own time. Meanwhile I’ll exercise, read O magazine and eat healthy food. Maybe later I’ll deep condition my hair. A perfect Tuesday night if you ask me.

Besides, I’ve got my eye on a certain sailboat captain I saw recently and can’t stop thinking about. Wish me luck as I brainstorm a killer opening line.

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