Sugar Sugar Everywhere

I recently heard Alec Baldwin talking with Dr. Robert Lustig on his new podcast Here’s The Thing. Lustig is a pioneer in the fight against childhood obesity and his theory blames it all on increased sugar intake.

In 2009 his 90 minute presentation to UCSF students on The Bitter Truth about sugar was released on YouTube and has since been viewed millions of times.

I’ve been thinking about sugar a lot lately, mostly that I want to continue to cut back on my own consumption because I’ve witnessed it leading to an imbalance of my mood and energy levels. (I am supposed to be preparing for a marathon after all. Oh and living my best Oprah life, right?) Well, in my opinion, this hour and a half lecture on how the body processes sugar and all the inherent links to negative health effects is totally worth the investment of time. So grab some popcorn (unsweetened of course) and settle in for an educational movie night!

Then check out this article for some opposing points of view. I totally disagree with the opposers, but that’s just me and, like most of us, I’m pretty sure I know everything. Ha!

Check it:

Sugar: The Bitter Truth by Dr. Robert Lustig

The Truth About Sugar from

A previous post of mine: Sugar Makes Me Ill

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