A Lovely November

You may be thinking since you haven’t heard from me in a while that I’ve been really hunkered down training for the marathon and click clack typing away at my NaNoWriMo manuscript just like I said I would be. I would love you for thinking so highly of me, but no… I’ve basically been hibernating.

I didn’t type a single word for National Novel Writing Month. Gave up on that before I even started. And I’ve lost almost all desire to run. The marathon looms a short distance away (only 4 more days!) and I snuggle deeper into my blankets every time I think about it. It is providing me with dread, not so profound that I’m not going to do it, but enough to make me want to stay comfortable and sedentary until the moment of action. You see it’s not that I think the marathon is going to hurt. It’s that I know without any sort of doubt that it will be exceptionally painful.

Winter is setting in. I know, I know, but it’s all relative even when one lives so close to the equator. The days are shorter, the temperature a little lower and the rains are kicking in at full force. The deep cozy truth is I’ve been thrilled beyond words to relax into reading and not doing much of anything.

On the momentous day I won’t be as fit or prepared or trained as I could be. I’m OK with that. In fact I’m going to close my computer now, jump back into my comfy chair and read for the next hour before I have to go to work.

So far I’ve gotten through Scott Jurek’s Eat and Run (4 Stars), Yvon Chouinard’s Let My People Go Surfing (4 stars) and Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma (20 stars, I seriously believe this should be required reading for everyone).

Today I’m diving into The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and a book about the Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei who practice Tendai Buddhism and run 52.5 miles a day for 100 days in a row in an effort to attain enlightenment. (And I’m seriously worried about 26.2?!)

Here’s to my quick jaunt in one of the world’s most popular races (25,000 participants!) and to the quiet solace of winter that will follow!

2 thoughts on “A Lovely November

  1. you can do it! Pain is temporary. Pride is forever. Remember, there is nothing wrong with walking a little too. It is a beautiful course…have fun!


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