Race Day!

Fear and dread are slowly giving way to excitement and enthusiasm. I picked up my race packet at the convention center this afternoon. I’m number 12,887 out of 31,000 – the largest number of participants this marathon has ever had. I love that my initials are across the top of my bib! It actually stands for Japan Airlines, the race sponsor, which has been a family joke ever since I can remember. (For those who don’t know the deliciously cheesy story: my parents, sister and I all share the same initials – J.A.L.)


My friend T said exactly what I needed to hear: By this time tomorrow I’ll be a marathoner!

Holy crap! I’m doing it!

3 thoughts on “Race Day!

  1. cheesy story?? I always thought it was really cool. I knew your name six months before you showed up to make our lives even more complete


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