So Much For the Super Bowl

I woke up this morning singing the theme song to “It’s A Different World.” Remember that spin off when Denise Huxtable left the Cosby brownstone to go to college at Heathcliff’s alma mater? For some reason I took this as a very good sign.

The day promised to be exciting: a brunch date with a super cute guy from eHarmony and a Super Bowl party with friends. I got out of bed early, washed my car and had a shower. Skinny jeans, tight white tank top, adorable brown flats, blown dry hair… I was ready to impress.

I was psyched to meet this guy because aside from being very attractive and the one to initiate the connection, he’s a yoga teacher from New York who loves vegetarian and vegan food. Yesss! So I suggested Andy’s, a veg friendly café in Manoa, and he enthusiastically agreed and set a date. I arrived on time and checked my phone before leaving my car. There was a message from him saying he’d be a few minutes late. No biggie, I figured. It was a gorgeous day, I’d just sit on the bench outside and enjoy the weather.

I picked up a local newspaper to entertain myself and after a few minutes glanced up and there he was, striding towards me with a big smile on his face. We made eye contact for a split second. He was even cuter than I expected and I immediately got nervous. I looked back down at the newspaper to take one last deep breath and collect myself. When I folded the paper and looked back up to greet him with an equally big smile there he was, crossing the street and disappearing into the shopping center, never to return.

There’s a first time for everything right? Even the things that totally suck. For a minute I couldn’t believe it, maybe it wasn’t him and if I just waited 5 more minutes the right guy would show up and I’d feel so silly for thinking someone could be so callous. But nobody else showed up and when I took another look at his profile picture I was certain that had been him.

So the first thing I did was drive to my favorite park in Makiki and lay down in a field of grass. I flipped off my shoes and soaked up the sun as I peered up into the cloudless sky. I gave thanks for the warmth and let myself cry for just a few minutes, enough to let the pain pass through. It’s incredible how bad an experience with a complete stranger can make you feel about yourself.

I got back in the car and headed to the party, I’d still be in time for kick off. But when I got there I just couldn’t do it. I saw my friends outside barbequeing and couldn’t bring myself to join them. I’m on the brink of my next period, emotions are fragile. Knowing me I’d tell everyone the story and burst into tears. This was not the time to be around beer and drunken football fans. Instead I kept driving right past their house and all the way back home. I changed my clothes, grabbed the pup and headed to Koko Head Crater where I proceeded to climb the shit out of those stairs.


Always better to concentrate on personal wellness rather than the disappointment of adding yet another douchebag to my list of dating adventures.

Hash tag – This is getting old.


2 thoughts on “So Much For the Super Bowl”

  1. I had to read that paragraph twice! I don’t get it! I guess the universe did’t want you to waste your time on him. Glad you hiked instead. I miss you!


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