My Big Year

I’m no birder but I’m still going to call 2013 My Big Year. I’ve got three huge challenges in front of me: 1) completing the Honolulu Triathlon coupled with fundraising $2,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society via Team in Training, 2) succeeding in my promotion at work which is proving to be bigger than I initially realized and 3) destroying the $14,000 in debt lingering on my credit cards accumulating interest by the day.

As you can clearly tell above, swimming in the ocean ain’t no thang to Banjo, but to me… it’s the scariest thing I can think of. It scares me so much I almost broke down in tears to the very sincere and patient salesman at Island Triathlon while buying swim goggles this afternoon.

So in honor of the fear I’m renaming my blog “Open Water Swim”. To be crystal clear: everything I’m tackling this year scares me.

Managing a staff who is in turn relying on me for guidance and continued employment scares me. Sales goals, P&L’s, constant coaching to think outside the box and hiring/firing all scare me.

Training for a difficult endurance event with seasoned professionals scares the living shit out of me while also making me feel like a loser idiot who has no business even in the bleachers at the UH pool, let alone somewhere amongst a peloton of cycling enthusiasts who ride $3,000 triathlon bikes and actually know what they’re doing. I don’t even own a swim cap for goodness sake and my Cannondale Quick has a kickstand!

Asking people for money scares me. Asking everyone I know for lots of money quite frankly terrifies me!

Lingering debt and the thought of living off of $100 a week or less for an entire year in order to get a handle on it ummm… like… freaks me out!

Oh and one more thing, the fact that I’m off to a really bad start in two out of three of these categories scares me the most. The first thing I did after “deciding” to obliterate my debt was go on vacation and sink $1,200 into my car. Brilliant! Then I broke my toe in a glorious and apparently unconscious attempt to sabotage my first week of training.

<<<<<shiver quiver sigh>>>>>


Can you tell I’m kinda stressed out about all this? But whatever, right? It’s time to shut up and dive in.

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