Sub Three Baby! Yeow!

KILLED IT! Oh man I did so much better than I thought I would. I was hoping for 3 ½ – 4 hours and I finished in less than three! 2:54:00 to be exact.

I can hardly believe it but I did the swim in 36 minutes. My coaches said I had a strong bike time of 1:10:57. And I ran the 10K in less time (1:01:57) than it took me last year when I did my first race ever. I spent five minutes total in transition.

The swim was much less awful than I expected it to be. There was little pushing or pulling and I didn’t get swam over like I feared. Mostly it was a very large group of people who were just as bad at swimming as I was. The biggest problem was the T-boners with their heads down completely unaware of the fact that they were swimming perpendicular to the rest of the racers. I just treaded water whenever one passed in front of me then got back to swimming.

All in all I only saw one big fish who I imagined was pretty freaked out by the lot of us and I had absolutely no time or energy to devote to worrying. And honestly, swimming back and catching the sunrise over Magic Island really wasn’t that bad. The swim was over before I knew it proving once again that all the dread and anxiety of life exists in the preparation. Rarely does it ever surface in the actual doing.

Cycling was AWESOME! I felt strong the entire way and was only passed by 3 or 4 women. Everyone else who passed me was a man on a suped-up tri bike. I learned long ago not to compare myself to them. But I’ll tell you what else… I passed every kind of person and bike out there. Old, young, male, female, fancy bike with $2,000 wheels on it, you name it I cruised right past it, especially after the first turn around when we had a few small hills to go up. I hauled ass and had fun doing it!

I felt super slow on the run but was happy that I was able to keep going without taking any breaks. And I simply could not believe it when I crossed the finish line and realized I did it all in under three hours. Yaaahhhooooo!

Oh man I can’t wait for whatever is next!

pre-race team in trainingHere’s my Team in Training team before dawn getting ready to dive into the ocean! Gail, to my left, is a lymphoma survivor and simply amazing to watch in action. I have to say that despite my earlier frustrations with the Team in Training experience, it all really turned around for me and I am so glad I participated and got to know such a wonderful group of people.

pre-race 2And of course the obligatory goofy/excited version. These photos were taken by our coordinator. Much love to you all!

5 thoughts on “Sub Three Baby! Yeow!

  1. Major coup – the SWIM! No excuses for not playing with me and Keiter in the water a when we come to visit next. Second major – you made GREAT time! Contratulations!! xoxo


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