These Days

These days I am barely scraping by on a nonprofit salary but groceries are cheap in Colorado so I manage. I share a house with a roommate. She is lovely and it’s nice to not be alone. We have backyard chickens, lilacs and a vegetable garden.

These days I hike in the Front Range amongst rattlesnakes, cougars and bears yet blissfully free of ignorant Hawaiian pig hunters and their hunting packs. I spend a lot of time with my sister. I own two bikes and jog often.

These days I drink hot chocolates at coffee shops instead of beers at bars. I haven’t had a drink in a month and it’s working. I love it.

These days I go to the library and devour books on homeschooling. I don’t know what to tell you about that except that I prayed to the full moon in Scorpio at 9:42 pm Mountain Time on May 3rd, just when it was at its peak, and I woke up the next morning knowing exactly what I want to do next.

These days I feel the shift. It’s coming and I’m excited. No longer anxious, just ready and waiting.

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