Ask and You Shall Receive

For quite some time I’ve been emitting a crystal clear signal of readiness. Pinging like a submarine cruising below the surface of the waves, I’ve been taking all the necessary steps. Moving to the low stress non-profit realm, surgery to ensure I can conceive and carry if the opportunity arises, first time home buyer classes.

Chanting in the formative, the positive; exhaling out the vision of where I want to go: Family, love, home, relationships, commitment, helping others, expanding my heart, taking care of someone (anyone!) other than myself.

I sent out one last ping and the Universe responded. My oldest friend called to confirm her cancer diagnosis. And there it was – everything I’ve been trying to manifest into my life.

“Go home,” said the Bottom of the Ocean.

Not the pretty package of handsome stranger/future husband and a plus sign on an EPT, I’ll give you that. But I know enough to accept whatever gets offered up. The philosophy of Yes/And has done good by me so far. Why stop trusting it now?

And isn’t it just like the Universe to line everything up right when you need it? My contract wraps in two weeks and while I absolutely love the work I’ve been doing, I’m comfortable walking away without any regrets. I did a good job and now it’s done.

So on August 1st I’ll pack the car and drive east. My goal is to return to Colorado and really settle into Boulder in the fall but that is very much a goal and not a plan. I promise only to pay attention and remain open to whatever comes my way.

We still have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “Ask and You Shall Receive”

  1. Thank you so much words can’t describe how much I am grateful for people like you who will help my mom. I am her oldest out of the four and I can’t thank you enough for what your doing Jennifer you are amazing so thank you thank you thank you


    1. OMG I’m going to lose my shit. Stop making me cry, you guys are relentless. Emma you are so sweet, I love how much you truly care, and Jennifer when are you going to put your real talent to good use. You are a writer girl, start a book, you certainly know enough crazy people to write about and you certainly have had your share of life’s adventures. Get out the laptop and start writing.


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