This is What’s Next

A lot of people have been asking me what’s next what’s next what’s next? And they keep expecting me to reply with a new form of employment. I appreciate it. For two decades now I’ve acted like a poster girl for single women with a strong work ethic and high-level organizational skills. There has always been a job, an exciting prospect for climbing a new ladder, making more money, taking on responsibility.

This time around I’m gonna try things a little different. So the thing is, there is no job.

This is the plan as far as I’ve laid it out: 1) Get home in time to pop the cork on a bottle of champagne at E-ska’s last chemotherapy treatment  2) Learn more about breast cancer, mastectomies and reconstruction surgeries than I ever hoped to know  3) Train for a bike ride  4) Be there when she goes under the knife, maybe make some sandwiches for the kids  5) Take a bike ride.

This is what’s next:

Cycle My Heart Out

an Epic ride to help End cancer for Everybody (but mostly Ericka)

Won’t you join me?

Cycle My Heart Out 3












4 thoughts on “This is What’s Next”

  1. Jen, I have known Erica since before she graduated High School. Her mother, Jeanne and I worked together at Danbury Public Schools for many years. You being Erica’s great friend, will probably see her before I do. Please give her a big hug and tell her I always praised her for her strength and determination to raise her beautiful children and to work hard for her goals in life. She now has another goal… kick this S.O.B – I don’t know if it’s financial assistance your looking for, but please let me know. I don’t have a lot either but I’m sure any small amount will help. Erica knows me and if I can help in any way, including watching her babies, giving them dinner, etc. on days she needs a little break, please tell her not to hesitate. I live in Danbury and her mother can attest those children would be well fed :o)


    1. Hi Isy, there is a place here where you can donate, it does not have to be a lot but by posting Cycle my Heart on facebook and or twitter and spreading the word, every little donation will help. Thank you. You know I would do the same for you and your girls.


  2. Thank you Jen, you are a true friend, and such a source of determination and guts. You go girl, happy journey and thank you for being there for Ericka, and all who have suffered this horrible disease. The kids will be thrilled to see you.


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