Change of Heart

Remember when I promised only to pay attention and remain open to whatever comes my way? I really meant that and I hope you can bear with me on this.

After much careful thought I’ve decided to make a big change to my fundraising ride. I could list a number of valid points regarding logistics, finances, weather patterns, closed campgrounds, my mother’s sanity and much more.

But in the end it comes down to two things:

#1 – I’ve been gone for a long time and no matter how successful E’s surgery is next month and how quick her recovery, there is no way I’m going to be ready to ride 2,000 miles away from her on October 1st.

#2 – New England states (especially CT, MA & NH) have some of the highest rates of breast cancer in the country and no one seems to be asking why. I think there is much to be gained in streamlining the focus of this effort, staying local and giving back to my home. Any New Englander knows if you’re from one of these states, you’re from all of them. We’re a tribe.

So with that said, here is the new plan:

Cycle My Heart Out – New England

2,100 miles over the course of 30 days (as initially planned) but now in the form of 21 centuries (100 mile rides) criss-crossing over very corner of New England. (For those just tuning in, I was originally planning to ride from CT –> CO.)

Questions? Concerns? Fear not, there is much more info to come and I promise to be very thorough. MUCH LOVE and thanks for all the support we’ve already received and everything still to come!

If you live in or near New England and ride a bike please plan to join me on one of my rides. I’m already mapping and planning – and I can use all the suggestions you have!

And don’t forget to click here and donate to Cycle My Heart Out today!







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