This. Chick.

We met Wendy Leahy Mitchell of #MyLeftBoob last night at Molten Java in Bethel, CT and it was one of those introductions that could have easily gone on all night. Three hours just wasn’t enough – we closed the place and would have stayed for more if we could have.

On the one hand it was simply glorious to see Eri-ska’s eyes light up every time she and Wendy recognized, empathized and cheered each other on through very similar stories of their journey so far. On the other it was incredible for me to soak in the light of such a powerful force.

It’s always the women in the thick of it who are able to emanate their strength and remind the rest of us to snap out of our own shit. Wendy & Ericka make a pretty fierce combo.

Wendy is chronicling her experience with Triple Negative Metaplastic Carcinoma, an incredibly rare cancer discovered in 2000 which only occurs in 1% of women with breast cancer. She is beyond brave in the face of intense adversity and I’m so honored to call her a new friend.

Check her out! She’s doing some great stuff and staying truly positive and inspirational over at WendiPoprock’s Wild Ride.
















One thought on “This. Chick.”

  1. It was so nice meeting you gals too Jennifer! We definitely needed more than 3 hours to chat- Ericka and I have a lot in common and share the same spunk and zest for life. Can’t wait to see what the future holds! 🙂


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