Our Village

I have so many people to thank and I haven’t even started cycling yet. The love is pouring in from all angles! Tremendous appreciation and gratitude to the following:

~ Sue Crawford of Carriage House at 26 Pearl Street for offering me FREE accommodations at her beautiful B&B in Mystic, CT

~ Monroe Sheppard at Hostelling International Hyannis for offering FREE accommodations and publicity on Cape Cod

~ Anne & Bill Meddaugh – complete strangers who have offered their home as a pitstop in New Hampshire

~ Sean & Jacqui Dowd at Ridgefield Bicycle Company for outrageously unbelievably generously donating a bicycle to our Ann’s Place bike raffle, for giving me a big discount on gear to trick out my rig and for letting me train with their awesome cycling club

~ Mitchell Fink! Mitchell Fink! Mitchell Fink! – You are a godsend!

~ Nicole Coleman of Arbonne for donating the entire Phytosport hydration line and high quality protein powder to fuel my rides and recovery

~ Brookfield Bicycle Center for a sweet tune up on my bike and for donating a C02 inflator and cartridges so I don’t need to carry a pump

~ Wendy Mitchell and Sandra Prendergast for publicity in the Patch and Danbury Daily Voice

~ Elaine Tedesco, Robbie Siemon & Anthony Zeolla at Ann’s Place for too many things to list

~ Everyone of you who has donated to the fundraiser, all my friends who are letting me crash at their houses and, of course, to my parents for not minding one bit that I quit my job, drove cross country with my dogs and plopped my unemployed self down on their couch for the foreseeable future.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! We feel the love and it helps make everything-that-is-the-shit-show-of-cancer easier to deal with. It gets me psyched to pedal my ass off and it melts the little heart right out of my dear sweet E-ska. You are our village and we love you.

Here’s me & E at the Autumn Evening at Ann’s Place celebration where we were graciously allowed to set up our bike raffle and display our fliers and maps. They even gave us time to speak to the crowd about why the heck we’re doing what we’re doing.

If you could have been there to see Ericka’s two oldest (ages 10 & 12) handing out CMHO stickers and spreading our message of LOVE and HOPE! They networked that crowd like professionals!

https://www.youtube.com/embed/Xnx-MKlcxzI” target=”_blank”>http://


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