Delay of Game

Hey did you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Yah me neither!

Did you know the eastern seaboard was gonna get hit by a hurricane the first weekend of October? Yah… me neither…

So this journey hasn’t started out the way I expected. My first ride to Mystic on Thursday was great. Smooth sailing all the way except for one snag – a rainstorm that started at mile 78. I was pretty tired by then but a Gu gel and a constant belting of Billy Ocean’s “When the going gets tough… the tough get going…” got me through to the end.

I crashed at Sue Crawford’s beautiful Carriage House at 26 Pearl and slept for nine solid hours. Friday I awoke to high winds that had already knocked over the back porch umbrella, non-stop rain and 44°. I’m pretty tough. I could make it through one of those things, but there was no way I could handle all three at once.

It was heartbreaking to use my phone-a-friend contingency so quickly but I had to keep in mind the whole point of this journey: spread awareness and love and inspiration. I can’t do that if I’m in bed with the flu.

Within a few hours my parents arrived and gave me a ride to Boston. I’m so glad they did. At no point in the day did it go above 48° and the rain didn’t let up for a second.

My new plan was to make up some of the missed miles today in and around Boston. So of course I woke up to a flat tire. I’m kind of a turd when it comes to fixing even the simplest mechanical problems and I quickly wasted my two chargers trying to figure out how to work my new CO2 inflator. I headed into town and hit up Back Bay Bicycles (conveniently located where my old laundromat used to be in the late nineties) for a pump and more cartridges. I also picked up some legwarmers which will make my next ride much more pleasant and hung my CMHO flier on their community board.

It’s hard to be on hold but it wasn’t a wasted day. I‘ll make up the miles in bits and pieces if I have to. Today’s set back doesn’t need to be a big deal even though it feels like one. For now it’s a three-way tie:

Cycle My Heart Out = 1

Hurricane Joaquin = 1

Flat Tire = 1

Tomorrow I’ll retake the lead. The tire is fixed and no matter what the weather situation I will ride to the Cape in the morning.

Here’s me and E and the Mayor of Danbury at my Thursday morning send off. My dad said he took the map I made for Ann’s Place and is hanging it in City Hall!






One thought on “Delay of Game”

  1. Jen It’s just a little set back and in no way a big deal, in my eyes you are going far and beyond with everything you have done to help kick cancers butt. it’s pretty chilly here, so I can imagine the Cape will be even chillier with the wind off the water. Stay warm and please don’t get sick, We are all so grateful and so proud of you. You could have picked a better month than Breast Cancer Awareness Month,how ironic. Love you and will probably see you when you get back.


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