Number Three!!

IMG_4838Hoo-eee! That hurt! But I made it. Hyannis –> Provincetown and back.

Total mileage = 104.8 miles

Time on the bike = 7:59:05

Beautiful ride to the tip of Cape Cod today. Mad Love to the team at PTown Bikes for donating a tube and cartridges to the cause:

IMG_4842And a shout out to Orleans Cycle on the Cape Cod Rail Trail for posting my flier right on their counter so everyone will see it!

IMG_4849Tomorrow is a day off with the World’s Greatest SAG Team (a.k.a. Mom & Dad) who arrived just in time to meet me at the finish.  Hooray for clean clothes and puppies!

IMG_4862More to come but for now I sleep.

Please don’t forget this is a fundraiser. If you’re enjoying the ride as much as I am PLEASE CLICK HERE AND SHOW US YOUR LOVE!! Thank you Thank you Thank you


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