Cycle My Heart Out – Ride Log

Rather than post a mileage update every time I do a ride I’m going to keep one continuous log going. You can check back here for mileage progress and notes on routes by clicking on the CMHO Ride Log link in the Categories column on the left side of the homepage.

Sat 10/31/15

Route 133 through Bridgewater, 67 in Roxbury, 199 out to Washington and the 109 to Mattatuck. Came back on a slightly shorter route to the south.

Tripe mileage: 76.2 miles

GRAND TOTAL MILEAGE estimation: 1,395.1 miles

Thu 10/29/15

Candlewood Lake loop – Danbury, Brookfield, New Milford, Sherman, New Fairfield

Tripe mileage: 41.3 miles

Total mileage estimation: 1,318.9 miles

Tue 10/27/15

Kancamagus Highway – North Conway, NH Route 302 to Route 112, up over the Kancamagus Pass to Lincoln, NH and back – long mellow climb in both directions, gorgeous views

Tripe mileage: 76.4 miles

Total mileage estimation: 1,277.6 miles

Sun 10/25/15

Wells Beach, ME –> Old Orchard Beach, ME and back

Route 1, Route 9 through Kennebunkport, Route 208 – absolutely gorgeous

Trip mileage: 51.9

Total mileage estimation: 1,201.2 miles

Sat 10/24/15

Portsmouth, NH

Short out & back on the Route 1A along the eastern coast of New Hampshire to make sure my back is all good.

Trip mileage: 21.7 miles

Total mileage estimation: 1,149.3 miles

Tue 10/20/15

Manchester, VT –> Richmond, MA

Route 7 & 7A. Computer crapped out on me again.

Trip mileage: 82 miles

Total mileage estimation: 1,127.6 miles

Mon 10/19/15

Williston, VT –> Manchester, VT

Route 116 to Route 7 – Painfully cold (21 degrees!) and windy all day. Bike computer functioned properly all day but the odometer is off due to missed mileage when it was malfunctioning. Sad face 😦

Trip mileage: 95.6 miles

Time on the bike: 8:16:42

Total mileage estimation: 1,045.6 miles

Sat 10/17/15

Pittsfield, VT –> Warren, VT

Vermont scenic byway Route 100 – I had to get picked up in Warren and driven to Williston (just outside of Burlington) because of hail and freezing rain. Lost feeling in six of my toes and was soaked to the bone, but it was a beautiful ride.

Trip mileage: 30 miles

Total mileage estimation: 950 miles

Fri 10/16/15

Keene, NH –> Pittsfield, VT

Route 12 to Route 103 to Route 100

Tripe mileage: 83 miles (Approximation via Google maps, computer continued to malfunction)

Total mileage estimation: 920 miles

Thu 10/15/15

Great Barrington, MA –> Keene, NH

Route 7, Route 116 across MA, Route 9 was awesome, Routes 10 and 5 North into NH

Trip mileage: 107 miles (Approximation via Google maps, computer malfunctioned)

Total mileage estimation: 837 miles

Wed 10/14/15

Danbury, CT –> Great Barrington, MA

Slow meander up Route 7 including a side shoot on Housatonic River Road and some time on Route 44

Trip mileage: 71.3 miles

Time on the bike: 5:45:13

Odometer reading: 732 miles

Mon 10/12/15

Danbury, CT –> Greenwich, CT –> Danbury, CT

Trip mileage: 68.3 miles

Time on the bike: 6:01:35

Odometer reading: 660 miles

Sat 10/10/15

Non-stop hills looping at the CT/MA/RI corner [Eagleville Pond, Natchaug State Forest, Route 198, Route 197, Douglas State Forest, RI Route 100, Buck Hill, Quaddick State Forest]

Trip mileage: 113.9 miles

Time on the bike: 8:56:36

Odometer reading: 592 miles

Fri 10/9/15

Local loops from home [Danbury, Bethel, Newtown, Ridgefield]

Trip mileage: 74.1 miles

Time on the bike: 6:34:26

Odometer reading: 478 miles

Thu 10/8/15

Short ride from home to stay loose and make up some miles

[Danbury, Bethel, Dodgingtown]

Trip mileage: 24.4 miles

Time on the bike: 1:50:16

Odometer reading: 404 miles

Wed 10/7/15

Hyannis, MA –> Coventry, RI

[Cape Cod over the Bourne to Wareham, Rochester, Rehoboth and Providence to the Washington Secondary Bike Path. Rough poorly maintained roads, lots of bumps, not recommended]

Trip mileage: 88.3 miles

Time on the bike: 6:44:58

Odometer reading: 379 miles

Mon 10/5/15

Hyannis, MA –> Provincetown, MA –> Hyannis, MA

[Completely awesome ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail and Route 6A, HIGHLY recommended]

Trip mileage: 104.8 miles

Time on the bike: 7:59:05

Odometer reading: 290 miles

Sun 10/4/15

Malden, MA –> Hyannis (Barnstable), MA

[I intended to stay inland on this ride but ended up out on the 3A anyway. Plymouth was nice but super windy and 3A had some hills. It got tight with a lot of fast traffic in parts but was still a very good ride. After crossing the Sagamore the ride on Route 6 was beautiful.]

Trip mileage: 85.6 miles

Time on the bike: 6:43:22

Odometer reading: 185 miles

Thu 10/1/15

Danbury, CT –> Mystic, CT

[Headed out through Newtown and came down Route 67 through New Haven. The city riding was busy with lots of traffic and construction but everything before and after was gorgeous. My map app kept me parallel to Route 1 down by the water for most of it.]

Trip mileage: 100.0 miles (Kind of unbelievable but absolutely true)

Time on the bike: 8:11:30

Odometer reading: 100 miles

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