The Journey North

I can’t believe I’m three fourths of the way to northern Vermont!

Here’s me with Stacey & Jennifer from So Delicious Homemade Bakery in Kent, CT. Not only did they offer me free amazing coffee cake, but they were so moved by the work Ann’s Place does they want to donate services and product to future raffles and functions. Thank you ladies, you rock!!



And here’s me with Anne Meddaugh, an old friend of Ericka’s mom who put me up at her beautiful home in Keene, NH. Her husband Billy cooked me an incredibly delicious vegetarian dinner which we shared with their awesome cyclists friends! And there was pie with fresh whipped cream!! Such a wonderful night. Thank you Anne & Billy!!




And here’s me leaving Keene for the first time this morning (as in there was a second time)… more on that fiasco later…




Tomorrow I ride to Burlington, VT to honor June Nolan Poodiack who we lost way too young to pancreatic cancer this past December. June was my childhood dance teacher and the first instructor I assisted for. I have a million happy memories of her and I can’t wait to spend time with her husband and boys this weekend.

This ride has been so far beyond challenging I can hardly believe I’m still pedaling. But it’s been worth every ache and every hill. Tomorrow I ride for the husbands and the sons.

Onward to Burlington!


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