Close Enough

My route out to Mattatuck was just over forty miles. Gorgeous ride, perfect length. Should’ve put me back at home right around eighty-two total like I wanted, but I took a different route back and it ended up being a bit shorter.

I figured I’d get to Danbury and do a few victory laps somewhere to make up for any missed miles so I could officially surpass 1,400 – but I couldn’t stop thinking about the kids. It was getting late and I had promised all four of them that I’d be there for trick-or-treating. How ridiculous would it be for me to be late because I was riding around in circles for a number that doesn’t seem to mean anything to anyone?

My mileage total has always been an estimation anyway because I didn’t use an app like Strava and I had bike computer issues on three of my rides.

Instead of putting unnecessary emphasis on my grand total I decided to pack it in and just get home. I showered quickly and headed out the door, arriving at their house just in time for the building frenzy of four kids excited to get out into the neighborhood. The ten-year old vampired me up – blackened cheeks and eyes, bright red lipstick to look like blood dripping down fake fangs – and we were off:

One Tinkerbell

One Malificent

One Harley Quinn

One Hulk

One living dead breast cancer awareness cyclist

And the most convincing female Eminem you’ve ever seen


It’s never been about the miles anyway. It’s always been about them.

And look who’s hair is growing back!!



Officially getting to 1,400 miles would have been nice. But trick-or-treating with a gaggle of nut cases, candy swapping on the living room floor and snuggling in bed to watch Alvin & the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman was priceless. I’m gonna go ahead and say that with 1,395.2 miles, I came close enough.

Happy Halloween! And love and Love and MORE LOVE!!

One thought on “Close Enough

  1. You are right honey it was never about the miles it was about so much more, it was about a genuine true friendship, it was about four little kids who could have lost their mom, and a mom who could have missed out on many special moments of her children’s lives, it was about those who have fought, are still fighting and those who have lost loved ones in this war against cancer. What you did for cancer awareness and to help raise money for cancer victims and their families is awe inspiring, you made the news and this is the type of news I like to see. It shows that all lives matter. Ericka has a huge support system and her battle is far from being over, however, their are many who still suffer and they suffer alone with no support, they are the ones that really benefit from a place like Ann’s place. I hope all who has read this and has yet to donate will dig into their pockets and donate, I don’t think their are too many people who has escaped not being affected by cancer, everyone knows at least one person who has gone through this, and if you haven’t you are the luckiest person alive, every little bit helps. I appreciate everything you have done for Ericka, you are a blessing thank you, I love you.


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