Resolution Road(map)

Yesterday I discovered what kind of crazy person runs a race on New Year’s Day in sub-freezing northeastern temperatures. I’m so happy to report that kind of crazy person is now me!

New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday and I take that rather seriously. It’s super un-social of me and I freakin’ love it. No apologies! Instead of a raging party scene with silly hats and noisemakers, I tend to opt for a quiet evening sans alcohol, oftentimes alone. No matter where I am, I duck out to chant the Om Namo Bhagavate 108 times on the cusp of midnight, concentrating intently on what I want to usher forth in the new year. Then I sleep.

This New Year’s Day I awoke early, laced up my sneakers and drove north to Milton, an idyllic Connecticut town full of rolling hills and horse pastures. I fidgeted outside in the freezing cold, sang America the Beautiful with a small clique of friendly progressive NPR-listening Litchfield-ers and took off to the ring of a cowbell onto an unpaved dirt road covered in slush and ice for the 27th Annual Resolution Road Race five miler.

To my surprise and delight, my parents had packed the dogs into their car and drove up to cheer me on. So as I rounded the first bend I got to pause for unexpected puppy love and encouragement from the world’s best cheerleaders.

From the picture below you can sort of see that I’m happy, I’m cold, and I have zero running form.

img_7272Let’s concentrate on the first part, I’m happy, and ignore the obvious question of: How in the world did my parents figure out how to take blurry sun-glared pictures with their brand new smartphones?

My life is not void of distress or difficulties, no one’s is. But I’m in a very good place physically, emotionally and financially with some incredibly exciting developments on the horizon. My goals for this year are not resolutions. They are clearly thought out projects with road maps to get me to each finish line: IronMan 70.3, buying a house, editing and publishing my first book.

Nerd alert! I am literally entering 2017 with a plan (my favorite thing) in a formatted Excel spreadsheet (my second favorite thing)! Game. Frickin’. On.!

Happy New Year everyone! Neil Gaiman sums up my wishes for you the best:


So much LOVE ❤

– Jennifer





4 thoughts on “Resolution Road(map)”

  1. Happy New Year, Jen. I’m so glad to see that you’re happy and with some kick-ass goals for the year to come. Wishing you the fulfillment of them all and days filled with joy.


  2. You are awesome! I am so excited to see pictures of the new house and of your victorious iron man challenge. And I definitely hope to be one of the first readers of your book! Happy 2017!!


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