Day 1 – Registration

I arrived in Los Angeles around 1:00 PM and made my way to my hip boutique hotel near downtown. It’s been almost ten years since the last time I was here. I’ve never had a chance to get to know the city well and I’ve never been here alone without anyone to drive me around.

I love the swank-itude of L.A. in small doses and I do feel like I’m on a mini-adventure. It’s such a fun reminder that we should all occasionally give ourselves outrageous gifts!

The info I had gotten from the Tony Robbins team said registration was tonight but it didn’t say what time. So I decided to make my way to the hotel to check it out and if I was too early I’d just go grab dinner. I arrived at 4:00 PM and the line had already started for doors that weren’t opening until 6:00 PM. That’s the kind of seminar this is.

I’ve heard the key to success here is to give more than you expect to get and then *** BLAMMO *** you’ll receive more in return than you ever could have imagined. With that in mind I let my guard down immediately, made six new friends in line (texts and Facebook friend requests already exchanged) and did my best to keep smiling through the most over the top registration process I’ve ever experienced.

Imagine a hundred volunteers jumping up and down, yelling like crazy, every single one of them coming at you one by one insisting on giving you a high five. I’ve already received a water bottle, some snacks, Tony’s newest book Unshakeable and a 182 page workbook that literally screams “This shit will change your life!” all over it.

There are 9,000 people attending this conference. It is going to be a madhouse of inspiration and positive energy. Haters be damned, I am already so thrilled to be here!


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