Refreshed and Ready To Go!

I love my puppy Tobi. Most nights he sleeps in my bed like a restless 35 lb. toddler. He changes position on the hour and growls at me if I accidentally touch him or roll towards him.

In the morning when I wake up he is always in the dead center of the bed, sound asleep in the most peaceful way, with me uncomfortably twisted around his tiny, yet somehow enormous, body so as not to disturb him in any way.

I love my puppy Tobi.

I also love sprawling out across a plush king size bed, sleeping like the dead myself and awaking naturally to the sun rising over L.A. with a sweet view from the 12th floor of this awesome hotel. Good morning world!

Thank you Orbitz for this crazy deal! Thank you life for granting me the means to get here!

Unleash the Power Within Day 1 here I come!


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