Last Year of This Life Indeed

I would like to tell you everything I learned at the Tony Robbins seminar I just returned from except that would be impossible. It would take me at least 50 hours (which is how long UPW is) and a lot of dance music, flashing lights and more hugs and high fives than you’ve probably received in your entire life. But even then it wouldn’t make enough sense to really stick. The words are out there, all of them. We’ve read them; we’ve heard them; we’ve pretended to understand them and put them to work on ourselves. But without the experience they don’t hold enough weight.

Tony Robbins is not a motivator. He is a strategist who relies on a system of total immersion to snap us out of negative patterns and set new ones. He teaches us how our brains and emotions work while giving us the strategies that will help us focus and change our thoughts.

I’m not a different person now. However I am the happiest, clearest, biggest version of myself that I’ve ever been. All I want is to keep moving forward from this height and to keep growing, never to sink back down to where I used to be.

For god’s sake people I walked over hot coals, six times hotter than any stove you’ve ever burnt yourself on, and I didn’t feel a thing! The concept of mind over matter has been stretched to a whole new level of meaning for me.

Some of the most helpful nuggets of wisdom I gleaned were about how the movies on repeat in our minds were shot by amateurs, tiny little six year old versions of us who had no real clue what they were witnessing. How many times have you told a toddler they can’t do something outrageously dangerous and they threw a fit, screaming about how much you hate them?

It’s perfectly fine that at three years old they can’t figure out that you’re keeping them safe because you love them. What’s not fine is when we’re still replaying those same videos in our heads thirty years later and we’re not even aware of it. There is a science to the fact that we all unconsciously hold ourselves back.

We rely on 2 million year old brains wired for survival and expect them to bring us happiness. That’s not possible without a working compound interest strategy that we grow with gratitude and positive reinforcement every single day. Seriously if we all approached ourselves like puppies at obedience class getting treats and love for everything we ever got right, we would all go A LOT farther in our lives.

We grow or we die. It’s up to us which one we choose. I can say with certainty that this is the last year of life as I’ve known it in a much bigger sense than when it started. I couldn’t give two shits about finding a boyfriend or a husband right now. I’ve got a book to finish and an Iron Man to train for!

Long distance hugs and high fives! ❤ ❤ ❤


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