My First Last Place!

Well you guys, I did it. I successfully finished the Syracuse Iron Man 70.3 (with about seven minutes to spare)!

It was so incredibly difficult, like mind bogglingly difficult. I was so scared about the swim I started crying while waiting in line for my wave to start, but when the horn went off I just dove in and fucking swam that shit!

It took a few buoys to find a groove but once the majority of people passed me and I had a little space, I ended up feeling OK.  I was so thankful to be in fresh water, instead of a chlorinated pool or the ocean! The lake wasn’t nearly as slimy or disgusting as I thought it would be. And I got out of the water fifteen minutes faster than I expected.

The bike course was brutally hilly and windy. Elevation gain for the 56 mile course was 3,244’. Plus the air temperature was in the 90’s and the sun was unrelenting – no clouds! Overall it took me 45 minutes longer than I hoped, partly because I accidentally rode two extra miles when I got confused at an intersection where the directional sign had fallen over and the cop was uber-cranky. Oops!

Let’s not even talk about the run, OK? Sun, hills, heat, torture. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that. Except this: the volunteers out there were AMAZING and I love them. And some of them even sang to us.

Often in life we have to be our own cheerleader. I repetitively and consistently mantra’d my way through the scariest and hardest parts with the following:

I am grateful that I try
I am grateful that I TRI
I’ve got heart, I’ve got courage, Go! Go! Go courage!
I’ve got courage, I’ve got heart, Go! Go! Go heart!

In the end, I was the last female to cross the finish line before the cut off time, so hooray for my first last place finish! Yeeehaw! I can only go up from here, right?

I wasn’t last overall though. My time was 8:22:55 and my place was 1,039 out of 1,049 finishers (which means I beat ten men – booyah!). There were actually 1,472 athletes at this race so that’s A LOT of people who didn’t make it to the end. Maybe I can say I was 1,039 out of 1,472 – that sounds so much better hahaha!

I have to say I am very excited to try again. I want to do Boulder in August of 2018. You should come join me!



3 thoughts on “My First Last Place!”

  1. You are a rock star even if you were number 1049 in my family you will always be number 1, because you are incredibly brave, because of your unstoppable courage, and because you have heart. Its not about the number, its about giving it your all and not quitting. Love you lots.


  2. You are amazing! Congratulations! I am so proud of you! You know what they call the person who graduates last from medical school? Doctor! You know what they call the last person to cross the finish line? Someone who completed an iron man! Remember how much pain you were in when you lived in our studio? You walked with a limp! And now! You are amazing! I love these updates!!


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