The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way is a 2,500 kilometer (approximately 1,500 mile) scenic coastal route which covers the entire west coast of Ireland. It is comprised of a near constant slew of peninsulas, headlands, points, outcroppings, etc. On this trip I’ll be exploring all of them as well as some intensely rugged landscapes with hills that might make my eyes pop out.

You can CLICK HERE for a map from the official Wild Atlantic Way website or check out the picture of my paper Michelin map below:

The pink stars represent where I’ll be starting (in the south) and ending (in the north). And the squiggly pink line on the left is the route I’ll take to get there. It is the longest defined coastal route in the world.

Let me repeat that for effect:

The longest defined coastal route. In. The. World.

You wouldn’t expect that given that Ireland, at 36,000 square miles, is not a particularly large country. Driving a straight line through the center from south to north would be akin to driving from New York City to say Burlington, Vermont. But cycling every nook and cranny of the coast? Quite a different story.

In the ever-so-thought-provoking words of my dear friend Art: It’s nuts. Well really he said I’m nuts. But whatever, close enough. Bear Grylls, who actually replied to my post on his Facebook wall, said, “Sounds epic.”

I like his take better.

Brendon Burchard says, “It’s OK that you dream bigger than some people around you. Don’t wonder if you’re crazy for wanting more, and don’t minimize yourself just to fit in. That restlessness and ambition you feel is normal.”

Long distance high fives to Art, Bear and Brendon! Thanks for all the motivation and support. You guys rock!


10 thoughts on “The Wild Atlantic Way”

  1. Wow! This is amzing. I just did a week on a bike around Catalonia, but your trip makes mine look like a warm-up session. What is the best way to follow your progress?


      1. Hey Dennis! Click on the “SIGN ME UP YO!” button below where it says Email Subscription on the right column. That’ll send you my updates as I post them. Catalonia must have been a blast, great job!


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