Days 17 & 18, Achill Island

Westport → Achill Island

Mileage:   59.2 miles                                                      Elevation gain:   3,265’

Total mileage so far:  668.6 miles         Total elevation gain so far:  34,183’

It’s been a wonderful few days for my sheep obsession. First I took the Great Western Greenway, what we would call a Rail Trail in the U.S., from Westport to Achill Island.

Then I settled in at the Pure Magic Lodge.

And today I tackled a super steep climb to take in Keem Bay.

I particularly like this guy who simply does not give one flying fuck about anything.

And these two lovebirds casually balanced on the edge of a 600′ cliff with a sheer drop straight into the ocean like it ain’t no thang.

I got lucky and stayed dry but a storm was brewing offshore the whole time. Here’s the view at Keel Beach in town.

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