Day 22, They Even Bring You Tea in the Hospital

Ballina → Sligo

Mileage:   49.6 miles                                                        Elevation gain:  1,739′

Total mileage so far:  838.7 miles        Total elevation gain so far:   40,582′

It’s no secret that the Irish love tea and I am completely with them on that. I’ve easily had 45 cups so far this month. Tea is everywhere you go at all hours, day or night. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been politely asked, “Would you care for a wee cup of tea?” And I’ve emphatically answered Yes! every time.

So I wasn’t tremendously surprised when a nurse served me tea at the Sligo University Hospital this afternoon. This was, of course, after I’d been cut off by a driver, somersaulted over my handlebars, cleared the car and landed squarely on my tailbone, back and neck. And I have to say, the tea helped a lot.

As the driver was cutting me off, I remember thinking What is she doing? Oh my god why is she doing that?? as I desperately squeezed on my brakes. But the flood-like rain and the weight behind me from my packs made it impossible to stop. I skidded into the back left side of the car and immediately went airborne.

I don’t remember flying through the air but I do remember landing with a thud. For a while I was lying on the ground unable to speak. In my head I was yelling to myself Get up! Answer these people. Come on, you know your name! But I couldn’t respond. I was like an upside down cockroach with my arms and legs flailing in the air trying to figure out how to roll over.

When the ambulance arrived I just kept repeating myself. “I can’t go to the hospital, I have to get to Donegal.” Donegal being another fifty miles away. Left to my own devices I’m sure I would have gotten back on my bike, ridden a few hundred yards and blacked out. Thank goodness the paramedics didn’t let me make that decision. They calmed me down and I got to take my first ambulance ride. Yay vacation!

The police, paramedics, nurses and doctors who helped me were phenomenal. I am very sore but not broken. Diagnosis: bruised tailbone and a mild concussion, my second in less than a year. (Remind me to tell you about the time a hammer fell on my head and I couldn’t form a sentence for three days!)

Tomorrow is a rest day and then I get to make yet another big decision on whether to finish this trek or not. I can’t help but wonder whether this accident is karmically tied to yesterday’s solar eclipse or yesterday’s blog post. One thing I can tell you for sure: I’ll never complain about Irish faucets again!

Sending love and light from my recovery bed ❤

6 thoughts on “Day 22, They Even Bring You Tea in the Hospital

  1. So sorry to hear about your accident but good to hear you are being well looked after and are on the mend. Take care and all the best for whatever you decide to do next. More tea will help you make that decision I’m sure…


  2. Oh, wow, Jenny. Sorry to hear about your accident, but glad you’re being well cared for and resting . Whatever you decide, you’ve already achieved warrior status in my view! OX from all of us in NS!

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  3. Jen, please make sure you are well enough to continue this trip. It sounds like you had a pretty good accident with a hard will be sore than you think you will in another day. Please evaluate your thoughts very well and your body. Joyce


  4. So very sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you can take off a few days and get back out there but please take care of your health either way.


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