Final Book Cover!

Hi friends! I’m so excited to share the final cover design for my debut book FUCK CANCER: A Tale of Love Pouring in from Every Angle! It will be available for purchase on Amazon as soon as I make my way through the final review process. I’m so close to the finish line!! ❤

4 thoughts on “Final Book Cover!

  1. Jen this is so exciting, I’m so happy for you. I can’t wait to buy it, I’ll need your autograph of course, lol.
    I actually googled your book this morning and thought I found it but it wasn’t yours, it’s was an adult coloring book.
    Anyway love you to pieces and I’m so proud of you, extremely happy you are sharing your talent with the world. I’m not an avid reader but I would buy your whole collection. Hugs and kisses.


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