Goal Check

As we head into the final month of the year, this is a great time to check in on the goals we set for ourselves at the halfway point. Have we made enough progress to check some of them off our lists? If not, are we at least on our way?

Back in July I gave myself five goals. I’m happy to report I can check four off the list and have one in progress.

My #1 most important goal was to publish my book. And considering the only thing I’ve been talking about for the past month is my newly published book . . . Guess what? It’s done! Check!

#2 was to cycle the Wild Atlantic Way of Ireland. Most of you were along for that amazing ride. I also knocked out Goal #5 by writing a new blog dedicated to the trip called This Is My Wild. CHECK IT OUT HERE. Done and done!

My third most important goal was to change my diet. While I believe this will be a lifelong process, I am very happy with some big steps that I’ve taken. I’ve cut out alcohol, soda, potato chips, chocolate milk, Cheez-Its and Snapple. If I’m basically a stranger from the internet to you, this might not sound like much. But if you’ve known me for a while you are likely aware of the fact that I used to consume large amounts of all of those things. I feel amazing without them. I’ve also incorporated a daily green juice or smoothie and it’s been wonderful. Diet change = check!

Four is a work in progress. I set a goal of reading twelve books. I’ve read quite a few but I didn’t keep track so I don’t know exactly how many. I’ve put a heck of a reading list together for 2018. Forty-four books to be exact from categories designed to help move me in the direction of my next goals.

How about you? What goal are you most proud of setting for yourself and accomplishing this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Next week I’m off to Florida for my second Tony Robbins conference. This one is called Date with Destiny. It’s twice as long and probably ten times as intense as the one I went to last March. I can’t wait to report back all about it!

Sending love and light ❤

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