NFTW Day 17: EFT Tapping Demo

Hi everyone! I hibernated for two days just to get through a shift in my menstrual cycle. This past year my cycles have tended to be an extra 10 or so days longer than usual, which can build up a lot of tension. Ultimately though, this one was easier to handle than others have been. I’m very curious to look into the affects of food on menstrual cycles and hormones, PCOS, and other similar topics. If you have any experience down that road please leave a comment.

Today I’m back with a video demo of Emotional Freedom Technique tapping. If you see anything interesting that you’d like to try on your own, there are some links below to get your search started. Happy Sunday!

The Tapping Solution

Nick Ortner: “Too often we are ruled by everything that’s wrong with us as opposed to everything that’s right with us.” TOO TRUE!!!

Brad Yates: “Self-sabotage is simply misguided self-love.”

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