NFTW Day 30: Weighing In

You guys I am in the zone! Here’s me checking in on DAY FREAKING THIRTY!!!


Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 1.36.22 PM

2 thoughts on “NFTW Day 30: Weighing In

  1. Nice post and good sharing, Jenny! I’m giving attention to this topic currently (the role of food in my life), and blending some “doing” with “thinking”. Cutting down consumption and no sodas, but still pretty full portions of things like veggie burritos. Size of portions provided by outside vendors is such a challenge b/c many foods do not keep well past the initial serving, don’t you think? And, it costs the vendor only pennies too offer twice as much, so our reciprocation and “don’t waste” internal voices come into play. Anyway – liked the message. You’re a force for good!


    1. Rock on Alan! I’m glad the message of the role of food in our lives (not just our bodies) is hitting home. It’s wonderful to hear that you’re excited about the changes you’re making. Keep me posted!


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