NFTW Day 38: Groceries!

Well folks, I went hog wild today stocking my pantry with low-FODMAP, gluten-free, vegetarian staples. And, as much as possible, I purchased organic. I found a ton of affordable products at Costco and Trader Joe’s.

***PLEASE NOTE: Very few of these foods will be used when I ween myself off the fast and ease back into eating. I’m never gonna break a fast with cheese and neither are you, got it? These are primarily (somewhat) non-perishable staples to stock my shelves so moving forward I always have healthy options at the tips of my fingers.

Tomorrow I will write a blog post strictly about transitioning from a long-term fast to eating again. It is a tremendously important thing to do smartly!!

Sending love as I near the end! Yeehaw!!

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