Sunshine & Gold

Happy New Decade y’all!

Last week I set myself to the task of reviewing this past decade – accomplishments, disappointments, progresses, changes, all of it. I can honestly say I got A LOT done. I started, ran & sold a fruit smoothie food truck business; spent unreasonable amounts of time on the beach while living in paradise for years; cycled thousands upon thousands of miles; completed a marathon; finished a Half Ironman; spent a month in Ireland; conquered the Pyrenees by bike; wrote, edited & self-published a book; reunited with old friends in NYC; worked on a Hudson Valley farm/apple orchard; fell in love with someone who did not fall in love with me; got three concussions; rocked two (yes TWO!) 40-day Master Cleanses; endured and won my first (and let’s hope ONLY) legal battle; discovered Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard & dozens more amazing personal growth coaches; learned how to take 100% responsibility for my life and choices; climbed a 14er alongside a blind person who barely needed any help at all; moved to Boulder, Colorado; met kick-ass new people; and started a job I like that pays me the most money I’ve ever made.

I feel good folks. Even though I had some rough patches and down periods, it’s safe to say I had many more delightful and glorious ups.

After my review, I set myself to task #2: Writing a letter to my 2030 self. It’s a wonderful process outlined HERE by the lovely Kris Carr, of whom I’ve been a fan for many years. I highly recommend you check out her post and give the letter a shot. Mine is now sealed in an envelope marked “Open on 01/01/2030”.

I’m absolutely thrilled about the abundant possibilities that lie ahead and I sincerely hope you are as well. The other totally awesome thing I’m doing – that I highly recommend every one of you do with me – is with Mel Robbins and it’s called Best Decade Ever. Check it out HERE. It’s not too late to join! The exercises start this Monday, January 6th.

Here’s the scoop for the blog. This year’s Travel Cycle Write blog will be dedicated to two major physical challenge pursuits:

1) Running a 50K ultra (~31 miles) at altitude well above 10,000′ in the Rocky Mountains in less than 16 hours

2) Cycling a 900 mile loop of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island in 10 days

And here’s the thing – I know and you know that I’m dumb enough to tackle both of these pursuits. Whether or not I finish on time or practically die in the process, we know that I will start the 50K ultra and eventually cross the finish line, right? So the goal this year is not to simply accomplish these challenges. The goal is something much different and, I believe, much more important.

My 2020 goal is to welcome the pain of both of these pursuits without enduring any of the suffering, to not just experience it all, but to enjoy it all. Every step. Every pedal stroke.

Haruki Murakami said it best (obviously):

Can I do that? Can I legitimately enjoy running over thirty miles at altitude so high I’ll barely be able to catch my breath? Can I ride my bike for 900 miles without whining about how lonely I am?

Just as I typed those questions, the random Buddha bell on my phone rang to remind me to remember:

I welcome infinite possibilities. I will receive. I am receiving.

Ultimately, it’s up to my brain, not my body. I have seven months to prepare.

Oh! And quick note on the new blog title “Sunshine & Gold” – I plan to primarily use Sunshine Canyon up to Gold Hill in Boulder as my training route. Hopefully it works well because I think it’s a great blog title, haha 😉 Wish me luck!

One thought on “Sunshine & Gold

  1. Happy new decade lady, and Good Luck! I know you have the grit and the crazy it takes to make these things happen. Don’t forget you have a support crew that’s yours for the asking- and remember, when you need, to ask! <3!!!


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