Ready . . . Set . . . Rest

In preparation for the insane amount of running I need to do to train for a 50K ultra, I thought it prudent to head to the podiatrist’s office to diagnose a foot pain I’ve had off and on for many months. I’ve always thought it was a Morton’s neuroma and never did anything about it besides wear comfy sneakers any time it acted up. So I was hoping for some sage advice and maybe a running shoe recommendation.

Color me surprised when the doctor claimed I had a wart that needed to be excised, proceeded to cut into the ball of my foot and excise something – although, unfortunately, there was no wart and she doesn’t know what she took out other than plain old flesh – and sent me home in more pain than I ever had before I got there. As a result, my training regimen is starting with ice, micro doses of the Percocet I happen to have sitting around from one of my concussions, and . . . rest.

It’s easy to be frustrated and angry. Trust me I am very angry with this doctor who refuses to admit she misdiagnosed me and say she’s sorry. I’m frustrated to not be moving just when I was getting really excited about moving.


There’s much more to dig out and dissect under the microscope of continued understanding of how our brains are truly the deciding factor in how we feel. So here’s what I’ve noticed:

~ Any time I think about how pissed I am, not only does my foot hurt more, but other parts of my body start to hurt. Old injuries I haven’t thought about since before my Master Cleanse whisper to me – a knee twinge, a tight hip, a back spasm. And if I don’t immediately let go of that anger, the physical pain gets worse.

~ The podiatrist took an X-ray of my foot and mentioned my heel spur and how it could cause plantar fasciitis. I am well aware of this heel spur and have an identical one on my other foot. I’ve only experienced plantar fasciitis ONCE in my life when I lived in NYC and was constantly walking on concrete in bad shoes. It was quickly fixed with orthotics and I have since had ZERO trouble with it . . . until yesterday when I was low energy and let myself get worked up about my current situation. The mere-freaking-mention of plantar fasciitis from a doctor I don’t even trust or like, and my heels started hurting. What the what??

You guys this is fascinating!!! And when this happens to us – ‘cuz I know it’s not just me – we have the power to do something about it. Because I also noticed this:

~ When I sit in meditation, chant along with Krishna Das, and/or do a tapping session focused on releasing pain and feeling good . . . the pain goes away and I feel good.

I know there is a huge benefit to regular meditation and positive brain training. I also know I will benefit greatly from focusing intently on stretching and strengthening the small muscles that stabilize my hips, legs, and feet before I go out and build up my big muscles and cardio stamina.

My official run training begins the week of February 16th, which will be 24 weeks before my ultra run. Until then, I’ll be taking deep breaths and focusing my pre-training almost exclusively on flexibility and mind control.

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 4.42.39 PM


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