Step 2: Start Training

How to Enjoy a 50K — Step 2: Start Training

As of today, I am officially 6 months (exactly 24 weeks) out from my 50K ultra run, which means it’s time to train. So naturally a good friend asked if I had started running, to which I enthusiastically replied, “No, but I bought a book!”

This is true. I got a book called Running Your First Ultra by Krissy Moehl who is a professional ultrarunner. And I did flip through it and check out her training plan — looks great, let me tell you! I also checked two books out from the library about all the amazing trail runs in Boulder and the surrounding area.

Except here’s the thing: It’s February in the Rocky Mountains and it has been snowing every single day. Every day, folks! No exaggeration. I don’t want to freeze my feet. I don’t want to run through slush. And, most importantly, I don’t want to slip on ice, which I did in January of 2018 and which led to a serious knee injury that has taken a long time to fully rehab. So the truth is I have not started running and I probably won’t really do that until mid-March.

I am moving a lot though. In fact, I’m exploring movement in many new and different ways. I continue to stretch more than I have since I was a teenager in dancing school. I’ve been trying out primal movements like the ones offered on sites like GMB Fitness and like what Josh from Strength Side does. And today I went cross country skiing.

And I have to say . . . it’s working. My body is waking up so fully and so nicely. I’m already feeling progress in terms of flexibility and strength.

For cardio, I’m riding my bike trainer every day along with the absolute dolls of the Global Cycling Network. These guys are priceless. They are professional cyclists and they’re also incredible teachers and trainers. They’re funny as all get out, and self-deprecating as hell. I love them like they’re my brothers. Seriously, I hope I get to meet them someday.

Check out GCN if you’re looking for quality indoor cycling training videos (for free!). They have a ton on YouTube as well as their website. I wake up and start my day with them almost every single morning and I couldn’t be more thankful. They make me smile through the tough workouts every time.

If I was trying to force myself to get up and run outside in the dark on ice, I’d be miserable. And we all know that’s not the point here. As it stands, I’m moving, I’m gaining strength and flexibility, and I’m rebuilding my cardio stamina. That means I’m on track!

As always,

Sending Love 💛 & Light 💡 from Boulder, CO

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