Step 5: Wait ’til Next Year

How to Enjoy a 50K — Step 5: Wait ’til Next Year

I’m enjoying running and training. My body feels better than it has in years. I had a wonderful 5,000′ climb on my bike from my house in Gunbarrel up to Brainard Lake two days ago . . . and yet . . .

When I look at race schedules across the country I see they’re almost all canceled, which feels like the right thing to do and leaves me wondering why mine hasn’t been. I don’t want to call out the race organizers because I know they have educated themselves and are following all of the currently accepted best practices. Still I have a nagging feeling that this isn’t the best thing for me to do.

So I’ve decided to continue training (because it feels awesome and will help me in all areas of my life in the long run) and I’ll re-visit this blog next year when I feel comfortable participating in a large group activity.

Meanwhile I’m focusing my writing time and energy on a new blog called Sober Worth. It’s a Positive Sobriety blog all about raising self-awareness and self-esteem as tools to let go of Gray Area Drinking–which can be anything from an occasional drink here and there to regularly consuming alcohol/getting drunk as a way to deal with stress. If you or someone you know is looking to give alcohol the boot but struggles with the emotional charge it holds over you, please check it out! (Please note: I am not a trained counselor and my Sober Worth blog is NOT appropriate for those dealing with physical addiction, chemical dependency, recovery, or detox.)

If I take anymore magnificent bike rides between now and my future ultra running race I’ll be sure to post about the adventure. And I’ll see you next year when I’m ready to fully enjoy my first 50K!

Here are some more photos from my 5,000′ climb up to Brainard Lake:


Sending Love💛 & Light 💡from up above 10,000′!

3 thoughts on “Step 5: Wait ’til Next Year

  1. Brainard Lake is one of my favorite places in the Park but I can’t imagine riding my bike to get there! Wow! Thanks for sharing your very sound decision. Next year!


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