Step 14: Let Him Run

How To Enjoy A 50K — Step 14: Let Him Run

Different woods.

Different hour.

Different weather.

The forest welcomes me back.

I apologize to the trees and they ask me what for.

“For getting scared in a place that has always kept me safe,” I say.

They forgive me.

Asha’s leash skills need work.

With frustration for his sister’s inability to hike a straight line,

Tobi trots into the lead.

He makes the choice to run

and I let him.

When Tobi runs, I run.

And when I run, I feel . . .


Not strong or free or prepared or fast.

But strong-er.


I feel my muscles start to accept oxygen again,

My lungs allow for exertion.

Back at the parking lot I thank the sun

and the moon

and the ER vet

and the Chinese herbs

and the turkey tail mushrooms

for one more day in the woods with my dog.

Love 💛 and light 💡

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