About This Blog

~ I write about living and dreaming out loud, I write about hoping and doing

~ I write about staying positive, and my failures and successes therein

~ I write about my ever-present journey towards finding peace amongst the general uncertainty that is life

~ All photographs posted were taken by me (*Except the one of Anton Krupicka)

Thank you so much for tuning in. MUCH LOVE to you all!

*************** FULL DISCLOSURE ***************

There were a few occasions when I did more than one activity on the same day for my “Thirty Days on Oahu” project but wrote about them as if they were separate days. This was just so I could have time to rest and do laundry. I’m not trying to make myself out to be something I’m not, I just have a lot to juggle with work and school. Please don’t turn on me when I get famous.

****************** DISCLAIMER ******************

I am so not a health or nutrition expert, nor do I have any formal training as a cook or chef. My posts about food and fasting are based solely on my opinions and personal experiences. Please do not attempt anything close to a 40-day juice fast if you’re not experienced and sure of what you’re doing. If you are interested in cleansing in any way please be sure to do a lot of research and listen to your body!


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