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Big time dreamer.

Believer in things that can be felt but not proven.

Jennifer Lynch’s debut book FUCK CANCER: A Tale of Love Pouring in from Every Angle received the 2nd place award for best memoir at the 2018 Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards and was rated a 9.25 out of 10 by the BookLife Prize. Her work has been featured in elephant journal, Best Self, Raised Vibes, Women on the Road, and Colorado’s 5280 Magazine.

She is the founder of spoke + heart press, the blog Travel ~ Cycle ~ Write, and the Instagram TV channel A View From The Bike, where she takes readers and viewers on adventures around the world with a front row seat from her handlebars. Her blog posts represent a call to action to women of all ages and abilities to step outside their comfort zones and challenge themselves for fun, love, and personal growth. Recent tours have included 1,400 miles throughout New England, over 1,000 miles along Ireland’s rugged Wild Atlantic Way, and a grueling 500 mile journey up, down, around, and through the Spanish Pyrenees.

Currently focusing on her first novel about a kick-ass single woman making her way in a wild and new environment [that < < < GASP! > > > does not include a love story . . . Oh. My. God.], Jennifer lives, dreams, writes, and rides her bike in Boulder, CO.

I write about living and dreaming out loud. I write about staying positive, and my failures and successes therein. I write about my ever-present journey towards finding peace amongst the general uncertainty that is life, while doing everything I can to broaden my awareness and have fun!

Thank you so much for tuning in. MUCH LOVE to you all!

*************** FULL DISCLOSURE ***************

There were a few occasions when I did more than one activity on the same day for my “Thirty Days on Oahu” project but wrote about them as if they were separate days. This was just so I could have time to rest and do laundry. I’m not trying to make myself out to be something I’m not, I just have a lot to juggle with work and school. Please don’t turn on me when I get famous.

***************** DISCLAIMER ******************

I am so not a health or nutrition expert, nor do I have any formal training as a cook or chef. My posts about food and fasting are based solely on my opinions and personal experiences. Please do not attempt anything close to a 40-day juice fast if you’re not experienced and sure of what you’re doing. If you are interested in cleansing in any way please be sure to do a lot of research and listen to your body!

3 thoughts on “Author Bio

  1. Hey Jenny,

    Really enjoyed reading your blog. Can’t wait to find out what happens next.
    Venus is going retro but Mars is coming to your Venus – something romantic could be brewing!

    x the other Jenny


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