2019 Vision Board!

Holy cannoli you guys!! I just spent the day with some of my closest girlfriends making vision boards on Canva.com! OK first of all – what a phenomenal way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Holla for the ladies in my life – whoop whoop!

Has anyone here used Canva‘s free program? It’s fantastic and there are so many template options for social media, marketing, vision boards, and much much more. Definitely worth checking out – I am beyond thrilled with the way my vision board came out. Check it:

OK so now all I have to do is invoke the playful red panda totem, become a youth mentor, travel to Australia, write my #1 New York Times bestseller, give a TED talk, find/fall in love with/and marry my lion soul mate, start my Girl Power! coaching business, and get into the best shape of my life!

BRING IT ON 2019! Yeow!


P is for PROGRESS!

Holy smokes it’s July! Which means the first six months of The Last Year of Life As I Know It are over! I love progress and… drumroll please… I’m happy to report that I’ve made some.

What about you? Did you set and work towards achieving goals for the first half of the year? I hope so! Please let me know and if you ever want a progress buddy to help keep you on track, count me in! We can cheer each other on from anywhere in the world.

My biggest accomplishment is that I nailed my mission statement from my first official Action Plan and got back to rockin’ my life through adventure, writing, exercise and drive. Yee-to-the-haw!

Regarding my specific goals:

~ I’m not gonna say I kicked ass in it, BUT I was able to complete the Syracuse Half Iron Man in the allotted time. AND I enjoyed the experience so much that I’m excited to try again next year at the Boulder, CO event.

~ I have cut back on sugar, though I’ll be honest and say not nearly enough. This is still an area that requires drastic improvement.

~ I finished my book. Like it has a beginning, a middle, an end, and a point! Even my editor was impressed that I actually did it!

~ I’ve planned an adventure for the month of August.

And I had a huge bonus accomplishment that I hadn’t prepared for or even really considered necessary until all of a sudden one day it absolutely was: I quit drinking alcohol. I believe this will forever be one of the top five best decisions I’ve ever made for myself and, while I wish with all my heart it didn’t take me thirty-nine years to do so, I am absolutely thrilled that I did.

You’ll notice in all regards that I’m human. I did not hit every goal out of the park. That’s not the point. That’s never the point. We work towards them and… we make progress. All of it feels really fantastic and it allows me to get excited for my next set of six month goals. So here they are:

~ Publish my book: FUCK CANCER, A Tale of Love Pouring in from Every Angle

~ Cycle the Wild Atlantic Way: My adventure for this year is to bicycle the 1,500 mile coastal route of Ireland during the month of August. I hope you’ll follow along, I can’t wait to share my experience with you. T minus two weeks!

~ Read a dozen books: I’ll put my reading list in a separate post and give reviews as I get through them.

~ Change my diet drastically and permanently – total overhaul from top to bottom first focusing on cutting out ALL junk.

~ Learn MUCH more about WordPress and launch my new blog – details coming soon!

Here is my newly updated Tony Robbins inspired Action Plan:

And here is a refresher if you want to make one of your own:

Step 1 – Write down your primary question. What are you constantly asking yourself that you can never figure out the answer to? This time mine was: “How do I become the person I keep dreaming about but can’t figure out how to truly become?”

Step 2 – Create a mission statement for what you really want to do, one core sentence to be a trigger for all that you are, all you will be and all you will do.

Step 3 – Re-work your primary question. Mine became: “How much can I improve in six months?”

Step 4 – List your top concrete goals. Do not be vague. The first time I did this I had four goals, this time I have five.

Step 5 – Write your relationship vision.

Have fun!


February ended lightly, warmly, blissfully when I awoke to the sound of chirping birds at my friend Joannie’s house on Oahu. I ushered March in by living my old Hawaii life. Hiking around Tantalus and the North Shore, chanting to the trees at Lyon Arboretum, wading up to my ankles in the perfect blue off Lanikai Beach.

I turned 39 on a bicycle ride out to Waimanalo with my coach and decompressed from some curious decisions I’ve made of late. It was sublime.

When I returned home I made a few changes to my 2017 Action Plan. It occurred to me that while my thesis sentence focused on writing and adventure, my actual goals had nothing to do with either.

The truth is I don’t want to buy a house. Not right now and not by myself anyway. Every time I look at a home that’s for sale, I sit in the driveway in my car and cry. Then I back out and drive away without ever stepping foot on the property. Also, I have almost no interest in finishing A Course in Miracles. I’ve tried but it’s just not for me.

I believe staying the course is vital for success, but only once we’re certain we’re on a good one. My first pass didn’t quite hit the mark so here is my revised Action Plan for 2017:

1) Edit my book

2) Kick ass in the Syracuse Half Iron Man 70.3

3) Cut way back on sugar

4) Go on an adventure

A big adventure is in the works but for now just a little one:

Tomorrow afternoon I land in L.A. to ride out the month California style. I’ve told very few people what I’m doing in Los Angeles. To most I say I’m seeing friends and family. Those things are true. I guess I’m just a little nervous. Those who love me have raised their eyebrows at my choices quite a few times in my life and I absolutely loathe defending myself to them.

Tonight I’m turning to Seth Godin for advice instead of inspiration:

“Sooner or later it comes to this: Great work is the result of seeking out tension, not avoiding it. Great work doesn’t require reassurance, in fact, it avoids it.”

So what’s the big whoop? I’m attending a Tony Robbins seminar called Unleash the Power Within. Maybe those sorts of things have weird reputations or have been controversial in the news (remember the fire walk incidents?). Maybe they sound a bit cult-ish. I trust I’m strong enough to dilute the Kool-Aid with a flush of SmartWater.

All I know is it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I’ve finally come into the means to do it. I’m really excited and nervous, in a good way!

I’ll report back with the scoop so long as I can see straight. Apparently these seminars go non-stop for 12-15 hours a day. The one I’m going to is four days long.

Wish me luck and I’ll see you on the flip 🙂