The Plan

First and foremost let me be clear up front: this is not a true Master Cleanse. (I don’t want any purists hatin’ up in here.) But it will resemble one.

My diet plan is as such:

– Lemonade (water, lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper) all day whenever I want it

– One Carrot/Apple/Ginger/Lime juice mid-day at work

– Jasmine Green tea in the evenings if I want it (It’s my fave)

– Red clover and vitex tea every now and then to gently deepen the detox effect (My sister recommended it)

– Laxative tea every now and then (I can’t bear it every day, I’m in enough pain as it is)

– Salt water flushes – undecided (They are gross!)

Forty days and forty nights. Start date was Monday September 20, 2010. I will start to come off of it on Saturday October 30, 2010 and be eating solid food again on Halloween.

**UPDATED 9/27**

I drank one all fruit smoothie a day for the first 6 days then decided to cut them from the plan


In the words of my dear friend Ericka, Are you nucking futs?!

The Beasties had no sleep ’til Brooklyn, and now I’ve got no food ’til Halloween.

Today is Friday September 24, 2010, aka Day 5 of my cleanse. A lot of things happened today, chief among them my decision to embark on a full forty day cleanse and blog about it for any interested parties.

More to come soon!